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Pyro Company Fireworks

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Auckland, New Zealand

The Challenge,

Pyro Company Fireworks faced not only the challenge of creating a vibrant and informative website but also struggled with effectively generating leads and updating content seamlessly. Their previous website lacked the functionality to attract and engage visitors, resulting in missed opportunities for business growth.

The Solution,

To address Pyro Company's challenges comprehensively, we implemented a multifaceted solution. In addition to creating a visually appealing and informative website, we focused on enhancing lead generation and content management. Our advanced SEO optimization techniques ensured increased visibility on search engines, driving organic traffic to the website. We integrated a modular retail storefront, allowing for easy updates and additions to product listings. Moreover, dynamic features such as a map page for location management provided users with convenient access to Pyro Company's retail outlets.

The Outcome,

The result of our comprehensive solution surpassed expectations. Pyro Company Fireworks now boasts a visually engaging and informative website that effectively showcases their products while prioritizing safety and user experience. Furthermore, our efforts in lead generation and content management have yielded significant results. With multiple display leads generated monthly and consistent engagement throughout the year, Pyro Company experienced a substantial increase in customer queries and leads, particularly during peak seasons such as November. Additionally, our strategic enhancements to their Google Business page bolstered their online presence, further driving traffic and engagement. The introduction of custom RFID scannable review tags sent to wholesale sites resulted in a rapid accumulation of high-quality reviews within days, significantly enhancing trust and social proof online.

By addressing Pyro Company's challenges holistically and implementing tailored solutions, we have not only elevated their online presence but also propelled their business growth to new heights.
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